What do we all want more in life? Time, money and love, right?
I Can't Give You Love But...

Discover the 1-2-3 Sysetm To Have More Free Time and Earn More Money

What do You Need?


You want your business to succeed, right? Have more sales, earn more... But you do not want to be a slave to it. Most of all you want the freedom your business can create for you.

How can you have all that - a successful business and the time freedom? Simply by making your business more efficient. making it work for you and not you working for it.

Having good tools and ready made systems is a good way of pushing your business in the right direction. Today I'm going to talk to you about one such tool.

But before I do, let me ask you a question:

What would you say is the one thing you need more in your business that will enable it to give you the income and time freedom you so desire?

What Should it do for You?


If you have just a little bit of experience in running (or trying to run) a business, you would probably reply: Traffic. And you will be right, of course :) You could always find shortcuts to all the other components your business need, but traffic simply does not grow on trees.

When it comes to traffic, nothing beats viral traffic, right? Better yet, while you are working on igniting your viral traffic, you actually achieve two other advantages for your business. You also:

  • Build an audience. With an audience you have traffic at will. You have people who are ready and willing to hear what you have to say and would follow where you recommend they do.
  • Build your brand. Having a recognized brand associated with positive qualities is the equivalent of multiplying your advertising power. It's almost half the battle :)

How is This Done?


As marketers we all know "content is king". Whether we publish on a blog or on social media, we want our audience to pay attention to what we have to say. How to do that? You need the content you use for social marketing and blogging to have these 3 qualities:

  • Get engagements. You want people to read it, react to it and share it.
  • Build your brand. Build a positive image for your brand with content people identify with.
  • Generate viral traffic. Get your audience to spread the word and visit your money site.

But if you are like me (and so many others) you know it's getting harder and harder to get that needed attention. People don't like to read if they can avoid it. And amidst the flood of content they are bombarded with all the time, getting your content to stand out is difficult.

I'm sure you already know the solution:


The stats are clear about that:

  • 88% of all shared posts have an image in it, whether as a placeholder for a web page, or a meme or video shared directly within a post.
  • Posts with images in them will get 150% more shares than posts with no images — on Twitter and on Facebook.
  • After 3 days, people will retain what they hear only 10% of the time, while people who viewed materials will retain the information 65% of the time.

But not just any visual content...

Struggling to Get People to Engage with Your Content? Let me Give You The Key!

Yes, you need to use visual content but not just any visual content. It must pass these simple yet very important tests:

  • It must be visually pleasing so people will watch it.
  • It must make people pause and thing or stir a positive emotion, to make a deeper impression on the viewers.
  • it must be easy for them to interact with.
  • It must be easy for you to obtain so you can use it whenever you need, at a moment's notice.
  • It must not cost you much.
  • You must have plenty of it. Persistent action is important.


The Ready Made Visual Content That Works For You to Bring Results

Qpics are inspiring, motivating, engaging, funny, clever, thought provoking quotes presented on top of images carefully selected to enhance the desired effect, invoking an emotional response. The emotional response will, in turn, make people take action and taking action is what we are looking for!

We all know the effect of a good quote - it can motivate, inspire and lift your spirit. People are using quotes to:

  • Inspire
  • Motivate
  • Prove a point
  • Provide a pause without breaking attention
  • Engage
  • Invoke thought

Quotes are a great tool if you can find the right ones and incorporate them in the proper way.
Qpics will do that for you!

Here's What Included:

High Quality Images

Carefully selected images enhancing the quotes presented on them.

All images come with commercial use license so you can feel at ease using them.

Top Relevant Quotes

Quotes on the images were selected to provoke the requested response from viewers. Be it feeling inspired or motivated, be it thought provoking or funny, quotes are properly attributed for safe use.

Clear Images

The Quote Images come in 3 sizes to make them crisp clear in any use. Use the larger size for social media. The medium size is ideal for blog posts while the smaller size will fit perfectly on your blog's sidebar.

Ready Made

All the hard work already done for you. Quotes and appropriate images selected, typography and graphic design done. Nothing left for you to do but use it.

Lowest Price Ever

Today you can get 30 image sets (+ bonuses) at such a low price, you will not believe!

A fraction of what you would normally pay a graphic designer!

How Many?!

Not only are you getting30 sets of high quality Quote Images, you will also get some extra images AND 30 more quotes as images!

Plenty of content to use.

Are Quote Images Superior to Other Types of Content?

Yes, Quote Images draw their power from combining the best of 2 worlds - the power of images and the power of wise words. This combination creates synergy, bringing forth better, stronger results.

Here are just some of what you'll enjoy, using Qpics:

  • Lead with value. With the proper quotes you give your viewers value and not just entertainment. Your viewers will appreciate it and share it with others, for true viral effect!
  • Make Them Feel. With a combination of emotional triggered marketing, make your audience smile, cry, feel inspired and get encouraged – and they will post to tell you about it!
  • Drive engagement by building a beautiful page that helps your business -- and doesn't just end up being a boondoggle.
  • Build Instant Online Credibility. Professional high quality Quote Images delivers matching images for maximum response and is a proven way to position yourself as a credible source. Your audience will look forward to getting a message from you.
  • High Quality Solution that Saves You Time. With the ready-made images in Qpics you'll receive only the highest quality picture and sharpest text to give you a professional, clean look. Images sent to you in 3 sizes so you can choose the best display method without resizing.
  • Educate. Engage. Inform. Qpics will help you educate and enlighten your audience with clever, insightful images and quotes that will leave a lasting impression.

Check These Actuall Recent Results

For the past 4 years we have been following one of the biggest pages on Facebook. Here are typical recent results from that page:

Text Quote: 1.7K likes and 183 shares.

Quote image: 1.8K likes and 408 shares.

Text Quote: 1.7K likes and 217 shares.

Quote image: 3.2K likes and 702 shares.

Watch the video below for more Quote Image samples from the package:

See What Others Have to Say About Qpics:

"I already wrote a review but wanted to come back and say that after posting a few of these on FB and Pinterest they got liked and shared many times. I know that I will attract some visitors and get people to interact and isn't that what we are all about?"
- momurph

"Nice... We just finished a Leadership training. Now I'll be able to go back and add these as topic separators, change up a few pages and I have a whole new training :) Thank you, I hope you create more"

"Really great, creative work...created some really powerful images. Many thanks."

Let Me Make This Deal Even Sweeter by Adding Some Bonuses

Bonus 1 - 6 More Images

These were designed to help you get things going on your Facebook page, as you can see below:

Bonus 2 - Developer License

With the developer license you can use the Quote Images not only for your own business, but also for your clients. The only condition is you can not pass the images as they are - you need to brand them first.

With the developer license you can turn around and sell the branded images to your clients at premium prices and make a profit.

Bonus 3 - 30 More Quotes as Images

We doubled the number of quotes you get by adding these 30 extra images. These include top quotes presented on colored background, sized 800x800px, good for any use. See some samples below:

Bonus 4 - Special Guide - How to Make Your Images Redirect to Your Website, for FREE

In this special guide from the Practical Marketing How-to Series, I'll be showing you how you can make your images clickable on Facebook and redirect to a post on your WordPress site. All for FREE!

Lets Recap Everything You Are Getting Today

What you get:

30 Quote Images in 3 sizes (90 images all together)

6 more images to build engagement

Developer license so you can earn money

30 more quotes as images

How to make your images redirect, special guide

You pay today: $7

Real world value:

$300 (= 30 x $10)

$60 (= 6 x $10)

$300 (= 30 x $10)



Total value: $697

It's Decision Time

I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this package at such a low price so you need to hurry and get it NOW, while it's still on offer! If you see a buy button below, then you are in luck and the offer is still open. Click that button now.

See What Others Have to Say About Qpics:

"These are fantastic! Please let me know if you have some more. I'd like another helping."

"If you manage any social media outlets. you'll find this helpful."

"These were absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!"

"When my friend, Ely Shelmer, asked me to review his new picture quotes package I was not sure what to expect. I have seen quotes all over the internet, some of which really helped me in my life but I never considered using quotes myself.

Ely's package has changed all of that. After looking at the pictures and reading all of the quotes I was very impressed. The package has been well thought out, the pictures carefully selected, and quality useful quotes added. I will certainly be using quotes for my marketing in the future (but don't quote me on that)."
- David C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What rights will I have for the Quote Images?

A: All the images have commercial use licenses. The quote images come with personal unlimited use. That means you can use them for your own business, as you see fit. And, you can not transfer them to others. However, today you also get developer license. That means you can rebrand them for your clients and sell them.

Q: I love the Quote Images! Can I get more?

A: Yes. Once you purchase, you will be taken to a special offer for new customers where you'll be able to purchase more images.

Q: Do you make custom quote images?

A: Yes. Once you purchase, you will be offered the opportunity to order custom quote images.

Q: I don't know how to rebrand the images. Can you help?

A: As a matter of fact, I can. Once you purchase, you will be offered the opportunity to order rebranding service.

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