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Experience why Picture Quotes Monthly is quickly becoming the key end-solution to growing social media engagement!

Have you noticed that navigating the ever changing social media algorithm can be a challenge?

Picture Quotes Monthly was created as the ultimate social media engagement success kit to demystify your online brand building experience. With two packages to choose from, you can become a Social Media Celebrity the easy way!

The Birth of Picture Quotes Monthly


You know what they say: “A picture is worth 1000 words.” And how about “Content is King.” So why not join these two forces? 

How about a picture WITH words!

Quotes are a great tool if you can find the right ones and incorporate them in the proper way.

Images are very powerful on their own in creating a mood, invoking emotions and setting the atmosphere.

Combining the right image with the desired quote creates a powerful synergy.

Each quote is hand selected and carefully matched with the best targeted image.

Picture Quotes Monthly is a premier site focused on generating an even greater response for your viewers.

What are Picture Quotes?

These are inspiring, motivating, engaging, funny, clever, thought provoking quotes presented on top of images carefully selected to enhance the desired effect, invoking an emotional response. The emotional response will, in turn, make people take action. Problem solved!

We all know the effect of a good quote – it can motivate, inspire and lift your spirit. People are using quotes to:

  • Inspire
  • Motivate
  • Prove a point
  • Provide a pause without breaking attention
  • Engaging
  • Invoking thought

Quotes are a great tool if you can find the right ones and incorporate them in the proper way.

We Deliver Exactly What You Need

Whether you want to build credibility, promote a business, an organization, an idea or whatever your purpose might be – social media is where it’s at. And Picture Quotes Monthly is your solution.

Ultimately, your goal is to gracefully direct viewers to your offer or to join your list – and now you have found the best way to do just that.

As we all know, social media is changing. Keeping up with all the different marketing options is a mind-boggling task.  The ability to choose the right strategies and focus – adds for more confusion.

Believe me I know. I’ve been there myself…

When starting off, I struggled trying to get visitors to interact with my content and close a sale. Be it my website or a social media feed. It was very frustrating – to say the least.

It All Changed – When I Cracked the Social Media Code…

I started taking notice to what was working.

And the rest – let’s just say – the rest is history. And now, you can have this very same strategy to work for you.

 Are you a Social Media Dropout?

If so, I am sure from time to time you log in to your social media account. Scroll pictures and make comments, but you never really got caught up in the social media craze. It just seemed like so many people have nothing else to do, but tell the world what they had for lunch.

Well, let me share a secret.  It works. And since you have not taken notice – those who using social media the right way are making money and building their customer lists.

 Social Media, Including Blogging is a Valuable Marketing Tool

sample-2-403x403Facebook is the biggest social network online – and the #1 website in the world. It’s where your prospects, customers, friends and family are. Not only do sites like Facebook help you find specific people, it also allows you to target these people.

For example, Facebook has access to so much rich information to make it very simple for prospects to approach you. With social media sites like Facebook, you leverage the law of attraction, with precision.

When it comes to advertising a post, there are so many different ways to do it. Picture Quote Monthly makes it easy for small business owners to use different methods to engage viewers.      

There are three things that Picture Quote Monthly does to help small businesses grow a large following:

  • Build consistent messages with each posting.
  • Share relevant information with reader value in mind.
  • Creates excitement around posted content.

Of course, the key to growing a business is creating relationships. Picture Quote Monthly helps you achieve this goal.

People buy and connect with people they trust – and it takes 7 to 14 interactions to build trust or make a sale. And now everything you need is done for you. It’s that simple with Picture Quote Monthly.


Follow the KISS Method

With Picture Quotes Monthly you can finally follow the KISS Method…Keep it Simple to be Successful.

If you would like to crack the code and successfully use social media to bring in new customers and increase sales, and if you’re interested in understanding the mindset of people using and enjoying social media, then getting Picture Quotes Monthly will put the “Zen” of social media to work for you too!

Save Time and Money – Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Don’t recreate the wheel. Automate this task. Put to use a system that is proven to work – because success duplicates success.

Let Picture Quotes Monthly do all of the manual work for you. Focus on the more important things in your business. With membership, you can use picture quotes with your current social media campaign.

You can download your daily picture quote from the membership area or upgrade your membership and have them branded to you and sent to your email inbox. It’s that simple.


What will Picture Quotes Do For You?

Using Picture Quotes you can make your audience:

  • Feel they have discovered important truths
  • Feel they have learned new facts
  • Feel better about themselves
  • Feel motivated to take action
  • Feel inspired and open to learn more
  • Smile
  • Shed a tear
  • Feel happy
  • Feel compassionate

… and more

YES – A Practical Solution to Social Media and Blogging


Here is Just Some of What you’ll Enjoy

fingersGet Only the Best Quotes. Wisely spoken words from those who help inspire, motivate and educate the world – now they are at your service to help get your audience to take action.

Display Accurate Credits. Commercial use license done for you and author of quotes fully displayed.

Give the Gift of Picture Quotes. Lead with value. You must give something to get something. Your viewers will be thanking you over and over again. And others will see your post and help spread the word around, for true viral effect!

Make Them Smile. With a combination of emotional triggered marketing, make your audience smile, cry, feel inspired and get encouraged – and they will post to tell you about it!

Online Engagement Made simple. Drive engagement by building a beautiful page that helps your business — and doesn’t just end up being a boondoggle.

Leverage The Best Social Media Technique. Imitate strategies used by marketing professionals. Post daily and watch your online engagement go viral.

Lots of pictures. Lots of Quotes. Picture Quotes Monthly makes working online easy… Because you only have 15 seconds to make a lasting impression.  And now you can inspire, motivate, and educate ALL with a picture quote.

Customize with Your Brand. With a Pro Subscription you now have the Option to have your Picture Quotes customized and branded with your website address.

Build Instant Online Credibility. Professional high quality picture quotes delivers matching images for maximum response and is a proven way to position yourself as a credible source. Your followers will look forward to getting a message from you with Picture Quotes Monthly.

High Quality Solution that Saves You Time. You’ll receive only the highest quality picture and sharpest text to give you a professional, clean look. Images sent to you in 3 sizes so you can choose the best display method without resizing.

Educate. Engage. Inform. Picture Quotes Monthly will help you educate and enlighten your audience with clever, insightful images and quotes that will leave a lasting impression.


Here is What a Satisfied Customer Said…

Here is what one satisfied customer had to sy about Picture Quotes and how it has helped him in his business.

“I already wrote a review but wanted to come back and say that after posting a few of these on FB and Pinterest they got liked and shared many times. I know that I will attract some visitors and get people to interact and isn’t that what we are all about?”  – momurph

Get started today, growing your presence and helping others in the process.

In A Nutshell…

Picture Quotes Monthly is great if you are a novice OR if you’re a veteran at social media. You’ll enjoy the quality and service you’ll receive.

You’ll especially enjoy when you put picture quote to use and with no extra effort – you start getting interactions from your viewers and followers…

People love quote images and they like, comment and share them all the time. Just take a closer look at your Facebook news feed and you will see how many are shared…

Picture Quotes Monthly is highly recommended for today’s business owners who want to get maximum value from Facebook, Slideshare, Twitter, Pinterest, Personal Blogs, or any other interactive traffic drive website.

Brand the images with your URL and make them work for you… Viraly…



Order Now To Get Your Bonus Facebook Page Restart Kit!

When you order you will get access to a special 5 step process designed to re-activate your Facebook page interaction. the kit includes additional Picture Quotes specifically designed for it and a step by step PDF guide.

We have made it easy to get others engaged in your posts.  Get started today and start enjoying all the great benefits listed while growing your business.



Here’s What You Get With Picture Quotes Monthly

Option 1: Basic Membership

As a Basic Member you’ll get:

  • The Facebook Page Restart Package: Instant delivery of a kit designed to help re-activate your Facebook page, that will take you less than 2 minutes to upload to your Facebook account.
  • Daily delivery of 1 powerful picture quote inside the members area.
  • Each picture quote comes in 3 sizes, as promised:
    • Large (624×624 or 588×588)
    • Medium  (403×403)
    • Small (200×200)
  • You’ll get a mixture of quotes: motivation, inspiration, self-improvement, success and business.
  • Additional bonus picture quotes for special occasions and other surprises 🙂

Option 2: Pro Membership

As a Pro Member you will get:

  • Everything listed above a Basic member receives.
  • Monthly email delivery of the picture quotes, branded with your URL.

Becoming a Member

Each membership level can be purchased as a monthly subscription or as a yearly subscription with a substantial discount.

The table below summarizes the available memberships:

Basic Monthly Membership

$19.97 per month
  • Daily delivery inside the members area
  • 3 sizes for each image
  • Images are NOT branded
  • No email delivery

Basic Yearly Membership

$147.00 per year
  • Daily delivery inside the members area
  • 3 sizes for each image
  • Images are NOT branded
  • No email delivery

Pro Monthly Membership

$49.95 per month
  • Daily delivery inside the members area
  • 3 sizes for each image
  • Monthly image branding
  • Monthly emails

Pro Yearly Membership

$299.95 per year
  • Daily delivery inside the members area
  • 3 sizes for each image
  • Monthly image branding
  • Monthly emails

It’s decision time. Are you going to go with what’s working now or are you going to be left behind?

P.S. Upgrade your membership and take advantage of our one-year subscription offer. Choose this and you won’t have to worry about renewing your subscription anytime soon.

P.P.S. Save 40% on a Basic Membership and 50% on a Pro Membership. Instant Setup & Delivery – Order Now!