ElyShemer-160Welcome to Picture Quotes Monthly,

My name is Ely Shemer and I’m a computers engineer by profession and software developer by occupation. Over the years I have gone a continual process of self development, starting with an Insight Seminar, through an Imago workshop, learning from Dr. Carol McCall (which I’m proud to call a friend) and Byron Katie among others.

In later years I’ve been doing some online marketing, building websites (this website you are on was built by me), Facebook Marketing and other techie stuff.

Among my many skills 🙂 I do pretty good graphics work and the Picture Quotes you see on this site are my own creations. And I’m proud of them!

I hope you will find this membership beneficial and enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

If you have any questions, suggestions or reviews, send them over as I would love to read them:

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